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01 Volleyball

Level up your game at The Core Sportsplex! We’re proud to feature state-of-the-art Taraflex® volleyball courts, renowned for their shock absorption and consistent playing surface. Whether you’re a seasoned hitter or just getting your approach down, Taraflex® reduces the impact on your joints, allowing you to train harder, recover faster, and reach your full volleyball potential. Join The Core Sportsplex and experience the difference!

02 Flag Football

Take your game outdoors at The Core Sportsplex! Our specially engineered TifTuf Bermuda grass sports fields are perfect for flag football and soccer enthusiasts. Whether you’re a league player or love a friendly weekend match, our fields provide optimal playing conditions. Experience the thrill of competition on our well-maintained fields, designed to enhance your performance and enjoyment of the beautiful Texas outdoors!

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Bump, set, and hit your way to victory at The Core Sportsplex! Our new facility offers premier volleyball courts for leagues, practices, and tournaments for all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, The Core Sportsplex, located in Willis, TX, is the perfect place to dig in and play!


Our expansive outdoor soccer fields are perfect for leagues, practices, and friendly matches. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a weekend warrior, The Core Sportsplex offers a place to hone your skills and enjoy the beautiful Texas outdoors.


The Core Sportsplex features dedicated indoor pickleball courts, perfect for year-round play. Our climate-controlled courts ensure comfort while you dink, volley, and drive your way to victory. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a social player, grab your paddle and get ready to rally!


En garde! The Core Sportsplex offers state-of-the-art fencing facilities for foilists, épéists, and sabreurs. Our dedicated courts provide the perfect space to practice, compete, and hone your skills. Sharpen your blade and join the growing fencing community at The Core Sportsplex!

Flag Football

Sun, sweat, and touchdowns! The Core Sportsplex offers expansive outdoor fields perfect for flag football leagues, practices, and tournaments. Whether you're a seasoned player or a weekend warrior, our facilities provide the space to showcase your throws, catches, and defensive skills. Grab your flag and get ready to run at The Core Sportsplex!




Texas Diamonds

Texas Diamonds is a premier volleyball club, committed to empowering young athletes to achieve their full potential in both volleyball and life. With over 12 years of experience in Montgomery and Walker Counties, we focus on fostering growth and instilling valuable skills that transcend the volleyball court.

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Eggz Flag Football

Eggz Flag Football is a platform to showcase talent in flag football across the country and the world. The goal of Eggz Flag Football is to empower our youth to explore new outlets for sports, whether it be at a recreational or competitive level. We are currently offering leagues and camps for ages 6-14.

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Airborne Volleyball

Airborne Volleyball has been providing training since 2009 and is the only program in all of Montgomery County that focuses solely on developing athletes for the next level. We train youth K4-8th grade. Whether your goal is to just to have fun or to one day play in the Olympics- AirBorne is a great place to start!

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Let's Soccer Academy

Our toddler soccer program is tailored for little ones ages 18 months to 5 years old.
Led by our friendly coaches, it's all about having fun, kicking balls and developing essential skills in a safe and supportive environment. Join us for a fantastic soccer adventure that introduces your toddlers to the joy of the game.



Hi, my name is Donnell Holly and I am a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and nutrition coach. Getting strong means different things to different people. Maybe you want to have better endurance so you can play with your kids/grandkids without getting winded. You can contact me at or 830-299-0539<


Woodlands International Fencing Company. Learn the skills of fencing while performing the latest and most innovative techniques. Students are given an overview of epee fencing including footwork, attacks, lines of parries and basic counter-offensive tactics.

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Woody Pine Sports

Co-ed Adult Sports Leagues, Play Sports, Meet Friends, Have Fun!

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U.S. Soccer Prospects is a program designed to empower soccer players in its local communities to achieve a higher level of competition through a realistic developmental pathway that has been developed by the directors based on the culture of each community we have impacted in Willis, Conroe, Montgomery, and Magnolia Texas.

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Drink Smart Plus

Drink Smart Plus is a Health & Wellness Alkaline Water store business that works to be the best at whatever they do! Not only does their water have a clean, fresh taste, they also offer Young Living essential oils, reflexology, and detox sessions. You can also purchase various sizes of BPA-free bottles, or bring your own Low/High pH refills.

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  • Competitive Environment

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The Core Sportsplex is honored to have such an accomplished organization joining our family. Check out the resume of these very talented individuals.Woodlands IFCPhoto (left to right):Khariton Zazhitskiy was a member of Estonian National Team and Soviet Union National Team in 1982-1993. He became Estonian and USSR National Champion, USSR Cup Winner, USSR Masters Winner, World Cup finalist.
Since 2008 Khariton works in The Woodlands, Texas and his students became USA Junior Team members, NCAA Champions, North American Cup and Junior Olympics medalists.
Son of Georgi Zazitski.Anton Zazitski (2008)
Son of Georgi ZazitskiGeorgi Zazitski (1946)
World Champion in 1969 and Olympic Bronze medalist in 1972.  He was also a Grand Prix Charles Martel GOLD medalist (France 1969), the European Cup Champion 1968-1971, the USSR National Champion 1966-1968, and USSR Masters Winner. From 1983 through 1991, Coach Zazitski was the Estonian National Team head coach and the USSR National Team Coach. He was the coach of Olympic Champion and World Champions, multiple National Champions and Word Cup winners.
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The Core Sportsplex has a new web-based Court Reservation and Event Management application to make it easier for members to reserve courts, register for events, and much more. Please go first to our website: to register as a member and then download the CourtReserve app.
Thanks to all the people who came today to play pickleball! It was a lot of fun 😉
So exciting to watch your organization grow! I can’t wait for our fields to be completed, and these girls are competing at The Core!
Congratulations to the Alpha Omega Academy Lions volleyball for winning gold in todays tournament! Texas Diamonds was well represented by numerous players at the tournament. Very excited for our new facility to house these wonderful athletes!